Syriac military took control of Tel Hormizd from ISIS

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Tel Hormizd, Syria (SINA)

Syriac Military Council, MFS took control of Tel Hormizd town following attack and threats made by ISIS to the local population and order to move crosses from the church bells

Syriac Military Council, MFS and local forces took control of Tel Hormizd town near Hassake. Recently, ISIS entered the town with two pick-ups and threat local population to remove crosses from the church bells otherwise will bomb the church and other Christian symbols and monuments in the town. Tel Hormizd town is located in the Khabur region with surrounding of Assyrian villages.

MFS Commander Johan Cosar said that following hard clashes with ISIS we achieved to take the control of the town and they will continue their presence in the region as MFS.

“For the moment, the control of Tel Hormizd town is with us after heavy clashes against ISIS and moreover we captured eleven ISIS members during the clashes. Residents of the town welcomed our presence and with local forces and also some young people had defended their town from ISIS,” declared Johan Cosar.

Hassake city and Khabur region are in constant danger due to the attempts by ISIS to take control of these places. There are ongoing clashed between MFS, YPG against ISIS in order to keep them away from the region. ISIS already attacked Khabur region and villages in the vicinity.

Khabur region has nearly 35 Assyrian villages along the Khabur River and they are survivants of the Simele Massacre which took place in 1933 in Iraq. Following the Simele massacre Assyrian population moved from Iraq and settled in Khabur region.

During the Syrian conflict Christian Syriac-Assyrian people had been victim of the conflict and targeted from different forces. Religious leaders and civil personalities had been captive and killed or had been subject of the high ransoms. ISIS had attacked Khabur region several times and most heinous act had been committed in the town of Saadad, 100 km from Damascus, inhabited by Syriac Christians. During the attack in October 2013 by Islamists groups including ISIS nearly 40 Syriac Christians had been killed savagely.

“We will continue our fight and defend our people and region from ISIS terror which already caused us massive exodus of our people in Nineveh Plains in Iraq,” highlighted Johan Cosar of MFS.

Khabur region and Hassake governorate is considered a heartland for the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people. Syriac Military Council, MFS is operating in the region to defend people of the region actively by combating ISIS and keep dangers away, guarantee security and avoiding mass migration.

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