Sayfo Conference for the 101th anniversary in EU Parliament

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SINA — Brussels, Belgium

The Sayfo Conference for the 101th anniversary took place in the European Parliament in Brussels, where Syriac and foreign representatives talked about the Sayfo.

Over 170 people were present, and lot of them coming from all over Europe.
 The conference has been supported by Branislav Škripek, the Slovenian member of the European Parliament, and by the other member of the parliamentary group “Friends of Assyrian, Syriac and Chaldeans” that is composed by several EU politicians. 
They supported the European Syriac Union ESU for the organisation of this event in the EU parliament.
The conference started with a minute of silence for the martyrs. Afterwards, for the 101th anniversary of the Genocide, 101 Syriacs people symbolically said the name of the 101 different villages from which they come from. Father Samuel Özdemir and the priest Musa Yaramis said a prayer.
It continued with the talks of several politicians, such as Ragip Zarakolu; Arsen Mikhaylov, which is the president of the Armenian Assyrian Cultural Association (ATUR); Tuma Celik, director of the Sabro journal and also Father Samuel Özdemir.

The conference went very well, and the people present were satisfied.

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