PRESS RELEASE: To the General Public & Syriac-Assyrian-Chaldean People

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Mesopotamian National Council – MUB
For Immediate Release


In March 2011, the people of Syria raised their voices against the Baath regime. The revolution of democracy and freedom today turned to a big ruin. Within this bloody situation, there were examples of alternative living and co-existence in the north east of Syria. The democratic model in the Gozarto, (Al-Hasakah Governorate, Rojava), was an oasis in the desert and has been the alternative source of life and oxygen for the people. Soon after, this unique model has been the object of the attacks from the dark powers. Similar to the Syrian regime, Al-Qaeda linked groups tried to annihilate different ethnic and religious identities within the Gozarto and Afrin region.

During this period, Kurds, Syriacs, Arabs, and other ethnic and religious communities stood together and defended their land. They established a democratic self-administration. On January 2014, cantons of Gozarto, Kobane and Afrin had been established by the common will of the people. The unique cantonal system in Syria and the whole Middle East had been attacked systematically by Islamic State, IS, the terrorist organisation. Some powers supported this atrocious organization against the freedom of the citizens. Beside the massacres and attacks of the IS and other terrorist groups, by mounting different complots, they also tried to spread distrust and enmity between peoples.

During the genocide of 1915, the Kurdish Chieftain, Simko Shikak, assassinated Patriarch Mar Shimun Benyamin. The goal of this horrid act was to create enmity between the different groups of people of the region and caused hatred, prejudice, and intolerance that is long lasting. The resistance and joint forces of the people and their victory against IS during the liberation of Khabour villages on February 2015 ruined the plans of some powers. Dark powers which were bothered by the consolidation of the people, once again showed their true colors by employing the new Simko Agha.

On April 22, 2015, Khabour Guards Commander David Antar Jindo had been assassinated in an insidious plan. During Commander David Antar Jindo’s execution, Elias Nassir had been injured severely as well. Those who committed this crime made unpardonable acts not only against our people, but also against Kurds and all oppressed peoples. We condemn them in strongest terms those who martyred our comrade Commander David Antar Jindo. The involvement of some elements from the Kurdish Freedom Movement in this incident saddened and disappointed us deeply, as well as our people.

During the foundation of common and democratic administration, which had new hopes, this painful incident is only in the interest of the enemies of our people. Until now, regarding the martyrdom of our Comrade David Antar Jindo, four people had been arrested. Our demand and expectation is to uncover the incident with all details and to keep nothing in the darkness. In this regard, we are waiting for convincing steps and reassuring explanations from the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

One century later, we will not permit those who want destroy our common living among our peoples. Moreover, we will not be a part of the plots of reactionaries and of dark powers. Our responsibility is to defend the democratization movement and new life in the Middle East. Additionally, we also call our people to be responsive against dirty acts and continue to strive for the strengthening brotherhood relations with other people.

MUB Presidential Council

SHDO  DAUOD GNDO   2015.4.22 (MFS-MUB)MUB - copie

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  1. The best of British luck to you we hope the suffering of the Assyrian people today will lead to long term peace tomorrow.

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