MUB: Statement regarding recent attacks on our Movement

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To the Syriac-Chaldean-Aramean-Assyrian Patriotic People of Bethnahrin
Statement regarding recent attacks on our Movement
Following historical developments in our homeland, it is time to reveal some facts with clarity and to inform our people correctly about the devastating elements. Despite negative incidents, our people is in a process of resurgence and resistance. We are going through and implementing conditions that will bring our people into equality with our neighbors. In order to build a democratic and plural society with other peoples, we are sacrificing the blood and life of our martyrs toward the goal of national freedom. Those who are uncomfortable with these developments and those who profits from the annihilation of our people moved back together with their collaborators. While, these collaborating elements continue their ugly, dirty campaigns on a daily basis on internet pages and through social media in order to destroy the aspirations of our people, the true patriots shed their blood in the front lines of the war for their language, culture, honor and land. Still, these coward elements continue their smear campaign, spew poison and hate from behind their computers.

These destructive elements are being humiliated, in the face of the joy, morale and growing honor of our Patriots. Because we are leading this process with great responsibility and maturity, our people gaining better status day by day toward a national identity and status. Our people are now able to govern itself in the Democratic Federation of North Syria, the Nineveh Plains and Iraq in general. With the help of democratic forces and the support of international progressive public, our people will also gain its freedom eventually. In order to reveal the causes and sources of the attacks against our struggle, it is necessary to highlight stages we passed through and steps that were taken in the past.

As it is known, our struggle started in the late 1980s when our people lived under the most difficult conditions. The pressures of the ruling powers over our people for centuries have fragmented the social dynamics of our people. It’s cultural values and historical integrity suffered greatly. Fear, silence, submission and apolitical attitude became natural. Few individuals and groups who regarded themselves as nationalists and intellectuals lived in their own world disconnected from their people. Their will were not enough to launch the national liberation struggle.

Each one of the parties and groups that have been formed around different names and sects were in an effort to comfort themselves by trying to define themselves as the most just and correct. However, the situation within our people was very different. Our homeland had been emptied, the diaspora was seen as the only salvation. New tragedies were being added to existing tragedies of our people. During this period of desperation and exhaustion, our people needed a conscience and will to revolt against the darkness that would illuminate our path, as one needs bread and water to survive.

The intellectual foundations of our struggle, political perspectives, organizational needs and aspirations for national liberation have emerged in this difficult and complex process. With every step taken, the bloody face of our enemies began to emerge. In addition, some individuals within our nation that collaborated with the enemy for their personal profit have been disturbed. Thus, they accelerated their dirty activities and all kind of ugly propaganda in order to liquidate and end our movement as soon as possible.

Some groups and individuals within our people that appeared opposed to each other suddenly put aside their differences and started to attack our movement. They obeyed dominant forces, fulfilling orders and instructions, and they never believed an independent free will can emerge from within our people. Pretending they have the interest of our people in mind, tried to legitimize their own betrayal and treachery. Thus, making everybody else accomplices of their acts.

These elements agreed to make our people slaves to feudal rulers and dictators in the region, accepted a life without honor and delegitimized our people. At every stage of our struggle, they created obstacles to our national unity. In order to cancel out the historic steps we took in different parts of Bethnahrin, they started dirty propagandas and spied for our enemies. They viciously accused every leading figure and sympathizer of our struggle who made great sacrifices in the face of great danger even death for the unity and integrity of our country and our people. They even falsified histories and produced theories to mislead and confuse our people with names, sectarian differences in order to separate and divide them forever.

The self interested elements with this mindset promoted our struggle in Iraq as foreign. In Syria, Lebanon, diaspora and even in Turabdin, they portrayed our struggle as one working for Kurds. They even tried to distort the term Dawronoye which means progressive as something dangerous to our people. Under the leadership of Bethnahrin National Council (MUB), we developed a national unity politics and the steps we took in political, military and diplomatic areas have further irritated these sinister elements and exposed their masks. These people tried to link the future of our people along with their personal interest to the fascism of Ankara, the dictatorship of Damascus, the administration of Baghdad and to the Iranian theocratic rule.

These elements competed with each other in order to bring our people under the rule of hegemonic powers by presenting Aramean-Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac as if they were separate people/entities. Some elements that call themselves Syriac-Assyrian-Aramaic hope to stop our progress by using deserters and known traitors. In Syria, they supported some groups under the regime’s backing in order to curtail our political and military progress in Northern Syria. These elements, which do not respect and understand the gains our people made through our struggle are being used by the rulers against the oppressed. They never intended to defend the rights of Syriac-Chaldean-Aramean-Assyrian people. Their main duty is to prevent the unity and freedom of our people. For this reason, all our people with different names and sects need to recognize these elements well and expose them.

Our people cannot produce healthy ideas and common solutions until they get rid of this virus. Because they are discriminating against our names, sects, geography, sex and race. They are obeying the violent power of ruling authority and tyranny. They are enemy of democracy, peace, freedom, equality and human solidarity. They are full of hatred because our struggle revealed their dirty mentality. As long as their patrons exist, they will continue their vicious attacks. The important thing is the strategy and the values our struggle put in place. From the first day of the Bethnahrin National Council, we have defended the common historical, cultural and social values of our people. Syriac-Chaldean-Aramaic-Assyrians and all denominational group names have always been equally owned. We fought on every part of Bethnahrin on the basis of national unity. We worked with all political, cultural, religious institutions of our people on the basis of patriotism. We took steps for a common struggle in all the platforms.

A decisive struggle against injustice on our people has been given and the principals of resistance is followed. While the fight against ISIS terrorist organization continues in different fronts with leading role of our movement, the attackers to our struggle entered into a conflict of interest with each other. With the steps taken in northern Syria, our people have gained equal representation of their national identity, education in its native language and national rights. Toward a self-governance in Nineveh Plains national alliances have been built and international work being carried out. The struggle of MUB in every part of the homeland and in the diaspora, has brought the problems and struggles of our people onto different platforms at regional and international level.

Our struggle to defend the rights gained and secure more rights in the upcoming period will continue in a determined manner. With the material and spiritual support as well as the criticism and suggestions of our patriotic people, we will reach our bigger objectives. It is our fundamental duty to ensure the safety of lives and property of our people in the homeland. Therefore, every element and power that damages our people is our enemy no matter who it is. We invite all of our organizational members and our people to strengthen our struggle for national unity, and to respond negative elements by exposing the dirty plans and ill-mannered understandings.
Bethnahrin National Council (MUB) Board of Presidency


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