MUB: Press Release about the last event in Qamishlo

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In recent weeks massacres against our people are being carried out and evil tricks are being staged. Those powers who denied the identity of our people in the past, want to exclude them from the resolution process of Syrian conflict. These powers are using certain elements to implement their plans. On December 10, 2015 a large massacre took place in Tel Tamer. The massacre carried out in Tel Tamer, however is part of ISIS brutality shown throughout the year in Habur. It also serves certain powers and different organizations aim to destroy the existence of our people and their will. On December 30, 2015 14 of our people lost their lives during the bomb attacks carried out in the two restaurants owned by our people in Qamişlo. Once again, this time in Qamişlo, our people being threatened with attacks aimed to completely displace them from their homeland. After these massacres, the Syrian Regime linked the Difaa Vatani or patriotic defense militia that calls itself with the same name of our police force Sootoro acted improperly and endangering the lives and property in the Wusta neighborhood. This group attempted to close Wusta by building barriers to all other neighborhoods in the city of Qamislo. Public Security forces, Asayish and the police forces of the Syriac people, Sutoro units removed these barriers in question blocking their paths. During the removal of these barriers, on January 11, 2016 the Difaa Vatani forces opened fire and injured two members of Public Security forces. The same group opened fire on civilians and as a result one civilian lost his life and and some injured. As the Asayish returned fire a Syriac member of Difaa Vatani group was killed and another Syriac was injured. This event was used as an opportunity by some elements, for resentment due to their accumulated hatred over the years targeting our struggle for our people. Working with different units of the Mukhabarat, these elements moving quickly to liquidate the national struggle and to break the liberation struggle of our Syriacs and muddle their thoughs. These cowards and traitors will always be a slave at the disposal of the ruling powers. They will show great ingenuity and reflect the ability to stab their people in the back and be traitors.


Under the pretext of the Qamislo incident, Assyriska Federation organized a rally in the Swedish capital Stockholm on 16/01/2016 . At this rally the President of the Federation Afrem Yakub openly showed his hostility to the freedom struggle of our people by making a despicable speech. We return to him the accusations, insults and slanders by many folds. On behalf of the Swedish Assyrian Federation, Afrem Yakub’s attacks on our struggle, martyrs and all our values is a national betrayal. We call on everyone to stand against his slander and lies. We invite all to purge all agents that harm our people, and their struggle, and isolate traitors from within their organizations. We believe that many patriots of Assyrian Federation, democrats and intellectuals will move to make the case and see his remarks as an attack to their national needs. Afrem Yakup and the betraying mentality of dark elements like him can no longer prevent the growth of our people’s struggle for liberation. We will inflict a big disappointment on these forces and the Muhabarat organizations. Because our people’s political, military, diplomatic struggle is growing more each day and it brings down the masks of treachery and betrayal. As our struggle grows these shifty, unprincipled and dishonorable elements are sending baseless frantic scribblings as defamation reports about our struggle. It may be with the Muslim Brotherhood organization, or Ba’athists , or the AKP, or Europeans, or with Barzani, yet another day it may be slimily with the Gozarto Management, that they try to liquidate our National Liberation Movement. In order to prevent our people from gaining its political rights and rightful status, these elements are being used as pawns by our enemies. It is becoming evident that the betrayals of these elements and traitors are turning into a frenzied state. Soon the talks will start on the Syrian Conflict. As MUB, we are spending the utmost efforts to establish a democratic Syria and working for the representation of our people in this process. Moreover, with SDF, Syrian Democratic Forces we are winning a war against the ISIS and other jihadist groups, along the way winning the respect of the whole humanity. Since our debut we defend the oppressed against the oppressors, adhering to the principle of joint struggle together with the people we have ever walked the road, without deviation from the identity and interests of our people everywhere with a great courage and heroism. We do not see a distinction between the names and the parts of our people and the pieces of our country. We do not play into sectarianism or regionalism amongst our people. We call upon all our people (Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac-Aramaic) to demonstrate a clear stand against the divisive games of those who play into name, denomination, geography in order to divide our people. We urge you to spoil this evil game and trickery. Our struggle and stand is very clear to our friends as well as enemies in every aspect. Because our strategy and our goal is based on the free life of our people, colonialists and traitors are attacking our people and our struggle everywhere. We will resist until victory everywhere and under all circumstances.


MUB Board of Directors


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