Five fighters of the Syriac Military Council have fallen as martyrs in Raqqa

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SINA – Raqqa, Syria

In these days, five fighters of the Syriac Military Council MFS reached the martyrdom during Raqqa’s “Euphrates Wrath” campaign.

Two of them, Sargon Tel Tamer (Ali al-Burro) and Simon (Mahmoud Ismail Muhammad) were from the Arab people and they fell as martyrs during the battles against the terrorist organization ISIS.

Martyr Sargon Tel Tamer (Ali al-Burro) was born in 1990 in Hsija. He joined MFS in April 12th of 2016.

Martyr Simon (Mahmoud Ismail Muhammad) was born in 1996 in Hsija. He worked in Latqiye and returned to Hsija where he joined MFS. He was married and had two childrens. One of them died six months ago.

After a few days, ISIS terrorists entered in a MFS headquarter in Svediye in Raqqa with two heavily armed cars. One of the ISIS terrorist blew himself up near the fighters. In this explosion, three fighters have fallen as martyrs and three others got injured. The martyrs’s name are: Kristian Simon Kulanç, Eyup Nur Gammo and Skandar Ali Rahme.

Kristian Simon Kulanç was born in 1982 in Switzerland. He joined MFS the 3 October 2015.

Eyup Nur Gammo was born in 1997 in Hsija. He joined MFS in 20 August 2014.

Skandar Ali Rahme was from the Arab people and was born in 1998 in Hsija. He joined MFS in January 2016.



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