European Syriac Union ESU 6th Congress Final Declaration

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European Syriac Union, ESU held it 6th Congress on May 7, 2017 under the slogan “Our Duty is Representing the Identity of Our People”. ESU was established in May 2004 after many years of activities in Europe. Having served as a bridge between Europe, Mesopotamia and among Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people in different countries of the world, ESU represents them on every platform. ESU conducts political, organizational, cultural and diplomatic activities in Europe and played a leading role in bringing injustices against Christians and the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people to the attention of international community.

As a fundamental institution of Bethnahrin National Council, MUB in Europe, ESU assumed historical responsibilities by developing egalitarian mentality among women, men and youth based on democratic values and principles. In order to advance in its historical responsibilities and duties, ESU has proved itself in every major process. ESU proved its progressive character again by opting for Co-chair Presidential system during the 6th Congress.

During the Congress, Activity Report and Budget Report had been analyzed and discussed and also a report of three years had been planned with the presence of 80 delegates from different countries across Europe. Following the election on the current statute, Hulya Gabriel and Tony Vergili had been elected as the new Co-chairs of ESU from Lahdo Hobil who served organisation for seven years. At the same time, ESU Administrative Council had been appointed as well.

Representatives of political, cultural and religious institutions also participated in the congress and they congratulated success of ESU and its new board members. In addition, messages were presented by the Presidential Council of the MUB, Bethnahrin Women’s Union, Universal Syriac Union Party and many other institutions. Moreover, Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian People Friendship Group in the European Parliament also congratulated ESU. The Congress was held successfully and made important decisions and put forward the perspective of responding to the process ahead. Some of these decisions are as follows;

1-    To represent the identity, historical, cultural values, unity of Syriac people with strong will in every platform with various activities.

  • To develop diplomatic relations with European Parliament and member states parliaments and to form and seek support of Friends Groups initiatives.
  • Organisation of festivals, meetings, conferences and other activities to develop relations with different groups of people.
  • Highlighting the importance of consciousness of national unity and historical values between different segments of the people by educational, media and cultural activities.
  • To sensibilise diaspora and homeland on the spirit of solidarity and cooperation by developing charity institutions.
  • To fight against ISIS and other genocidal mentality groups in the political, diplomatic, media, education, social and economic fields.
  • To mobilize international community and organisations against radical Islamist groups and states in which Syriac people and Christians are under pressure in Mesopotamia and Middle East.


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