“Europe should supports SDF forces”

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SINA — Brussels, Belgium

Highlights from the EP Press Conference – “The urgent situation in Northern Syria”

EP hosted press conference under the auspices of MEP Branislav Skripek regarding the latest invasion of Turkish forces in Syria and fueling already complex fight against ISIS.
MEP Branislav Skripek opened the conference and welcomed guests and journalists by underlying urgent situation in Syria.
There is urgent need to support Self Administration and Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF which most trustable force to defeat ISIS, said Skripek.
“The Syrian Democratic Forces are the defence force of the Democratic Self Administration that I have visited myself. It’s the Middle East we all hope to see developing. Kurds, Arabs and Syriac Christians work together to create a new society in which women are free and there is democracy and freedom of religion. It’s true,  I have seen it myself and so have many others. So they do not only defeat ISIS but also replace it with real governance and a real alternative society. Also they are prepared to take in the refugees that are now flowing from Syria to Turkey. This means that Turkey will in time no longer be able to use refugees as pawns against Europe.” added Skripek.
On the other hand, Saleh Muslim, Co-President of PYD said that Turkish invasion in Syria is not justified and that they are giving free hands to ISIS. 
“The federal project in Northern Syria established by Kurds, Syriacs and Arabs create a great malaise with the neighboring countries. Turkey is acting against this project and we see it since the beginning of Syrian crisis and latest with Jaraboulous operation. Since six years, we are defending our lands and people, our forces do not attack anyone. We are defending ourselves. And we do not accept red lines to be put in front of our forces.” highlighted Muslim.
David Vergili from European Syriac Union, ESU pointed the post failed coup d’etat atmosphere in Turkey and in this way creating new discourse, reality and mytos for the re-organizing country under the authoritarian one man rule of R. T. Erdogan. 
“There is new discourse in Turkey following the failed coup which hostile to west, anti Christian, and against Kurds and minorities in Turkey. By playing the card of victimization, Turkey tries to divert attention from the ingoing crackdown and witch hunt on opposition figures in Turkey and avoiding critics and mobilize their masses. Related to this, Turkey entered Syria and complicated the fight against ISIS. If Turkey wants to fight ISIS then best way is to have full cooperation with Coalition.” highlighted Vergili.
Beside, call made regarding the opening border with KRG and Europe can play central role and expectations announced to EU officials to stand with SDF and Self Administration which can ease the refugees crisis and ISIS threat in Europe.

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