ESU: We remember our President Iskender Alptekin, Matay Rabo

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European Syriac Union, ESU

Bruxelles, Belgium




Today marks seven years of the passing away of our beloved and first President of ESU Iskender Alptekin. On May, 18, 2010, Iskender Alptekin passed away following a heart attack in his domicile in Switzerland.

As a founding member of ESU, Iskender Alptekin served two terms of Presidency with great devotion, wisdom and success. During his tenure, ESU became leading grassroots movement within the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people and in the European sphere. Wide range relations, meetings, activities and conferences had been organized across European cities to highlight the precarious and urgent situation and requesting demands from European counterparts.

President Iskender Alptekin was highly respected within the organization thanks to his wisdom, knowledge and open heart for all his colleagues and comrades. Beside his human qualities, Iskender Alptekin was also outstanding composer and singer of Syriac music. He recorded one of the music works in the Syriac language.

After seven years of the saddened departure of our first and former President Iskender Alptekin, ESU continues to follow his steps, philosophy and approach. In this day, we remember, again, our immortal President Iskender Alptekin and we promise to continue and strengthen our work and organization.

Martyr do not die.



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