Demonstrations in solidarity to Afrin keep going on

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SINA — Europe

All around the world, the demonstrations against the intervention of Turkey in Afrin keep going on.

The biggest demonstration took place in Köln, Germany, where participated the Syriac people, representatives of the European Syriac Union ESU, armenians, kurdish, germans and Turkish leftists, with about 10’000 people in total.

In Zürich, Switzerland, about 10’000 people demonstrated with slogans against Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. An ESU representative, Musa Konutgan, gave a speech.

Meanwhile, in Brussels, the peoples that lives in Belgium created a group and had a press conference about the intervention of Turkey in Afrin and about the situation in Gozarto in Syria. After the press conference, they demonstrated in Brussels center to show their disagreement with the intervention of Turkey.

In Stockholm, Sweden, ESU members attended too at the demonstration. The head of foreign affairs of ESU Metin Rhawi, gave a speech.

The representatives of ESU in the Italian part of Switzerland attended also at the demonstration who took place in Milan, Italy.

Other demonstrations took place also in Italy, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Greece, Cyprus and in the United Kingdom.


Giessen, Germany


Zürich, Switzerland


Brussels, Belgium


Milan, Italy


Stockholm, Sweden





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