The Declaration of MUB’s (Bethnahrin National Council) 9th Annual Conference

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The MUB’s 9th Annual Conference, which took place between 26-29 May 2017, once again demonstrated the will to respond to the future needs. 42 representatives of parties, institutions and organizations active in the country and diaspora evaluated the international political developments. The struggle against the ISIS in the Middle East and the attitudes of the regional states have been evaluated from a variety of perspectives. In addition, political, national, organizational, diplomatic, military, financial and social activities of the field and institutional units carried out within the year were evaluated and analyzed in detail.

The condition of Syriac-Assyrian-Aramaic-Chaldean people and the developments in their lives were discussed. Attention was brought to the attacks and threats posed by the genocidal mentality and policies that have been going on since 1915. The steps to be taken against these treats and policies were determined. The Syriac-Assyrian-Aramaic-Chaldean people were ruled in the motherland, Bethnahrin, and Middle East by powers who were anti-democratic racist and with bigoted religious ideologies. Their aspirations, self determination, identity, historical and cultural values were completely ignored.

Its social and cultural assets have been destroyed and the demographics as well as the population structure has been demolished by massacres, exile and other methods. The Dawronoye movement led by the Bethnahrin National Council (MUB) has made a historic turn at a time when demographic manipulations are used to delete its people from history, and drive them away from their motherland. This movement has been the new life, the resurrection, and the new spirit for these people who are abandoned to a certain death.

Dawronoye movement who did not accept surrender or disappearance of our nation, also has not accepted the repressive regimes over the Syriac-Assyrian-Aramaic-Chaldean people. Steps have been taken and natural alliances formed for the freedom of the oppressed peoples and the struggle for an honorable life. As the peoples’ quest for a contemporary democratic system in the Middle East became stronger and widespread with the help of international interventions the existing classic status quo of the Middle East has begun to crumble. Especially the philosophy of freely building a new life with the democratic federalism paradigm of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan illuminated the whole region and the oppressed. It became a new hope for the ethnic and social identities that have been oppressed and alienated. The international progressive forces and public opinion also are convinced about this new philosophy of life for the Middle East.

The formation of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria today and the support given to the Democratic Syrian Forces by the coalition forces under the leadership of the US is a testament and the result of common work and struggle of the peoples in the region. The Syriac-Assyrian-Aramaic-Chaldean people are getting step by step closer to a status of identity and self determination with their own free will in Syria and Iraq. As the oppressed peoples fight for freedom progresses in Bethnahrin, the ISIS and its supporters are being defeated. Thus the oppression of single identity nation states monotheistic dark systems over the plural identities of peoples in Middle East is coming to an end. The peoples diverse ethnic and religious groups have the opportunity to govern themselves and achieve a self determination.

While ethnic groups fighting for their freedom and identities, women and young people also leading the struggle for a modern revolution to democratize their society and their own freedoms. The fascist, theocratic and racist dictators are brutally responding and attacking back to prevent this progress. However, the world public opinion and the international powers will not be spectators to the practices of these killer dictators in our region anymore. The Syriac-Assyrian-Aramaic-Chaldean people are participating in this struggle for freedom and giving its share of martyrs. The period of surrender and slavery has ended and the process of freedom and liberation has begun. Thus we invite the international powers to hear the voice of our people, their demands and support them in every aspect of this struggle. We are also urging all our people to participate in the national liberation struggle and fulfill their duties and responsibilities in this historical process.


1.To fight back against the politics of denial and enslavement of our people and represent them on every platform.

2.Fighting in every arena, in order for our people to govern themselves in Syria and Iraq and achieve a national status to be in an equal position with other peoples.

3.To further develop women’s organizations both inside and outside the country and to remove antagonistic perceptions against them.

4.To provide coordination between our struggle for freedom and the security forces of our people.

5.Taking steps on the basis of national unity and common goals with all party organizations and institutions, without discriminating between Syriac-Assyrian-Aramaic-Chaldean peoples’ names, sects and regions.

6.To build and develop alliances with neighboring peoples for a life based on common and equal rights.

7.Bringing our people’s legal rights and demands for freedom to international platforms. To achieve this goal developing diplomatic relations and pursuing support.

8.To co-ordinate with the international coalition against ISIS and strengthen the alliances with Kurdish and Arab peoples in the war against the ISIS.


The hell with the slavery, Long Live Freedom!

Our heroic martyrs will lead us to victory.


MUB Board of Directors


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