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Bethnahrin National Council MUB finished its annual 8th conference

by / 0 Comments / 144 View / June 1, 2016

SINA — Switzerland

Bethnahrin National Council MUB made its annual 8th conference from 25 to 27 May 2016 in Switzerland. All the representatives of the organisations affiliated to MUB were present, that is from Europe, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, USA and Australia.

After a minute of silence for the commemoration of the martyrs, the president of MUB —  Mihayel Naim Hadodo — and the vice president of Bethnahrin Patriotic Union in Irak HBA — Mihayel Sabbah Barkho — headed the conference.

First of all it has read the annual report of all the affiliated organisations and the representatives gave an advice and critics about them. They also discussed the annual program of all the organisations. The main resolution approved by the Council are:

  • Continue with the commitment to obtain the rights of the Syriac People in Syria and Iraq;
  • To reinforce the relationships created by MUB;
  • To reinforce the relationships between MUB and the other people from the area;
  • To reinforce our military forces for the protection of the Syriac people.

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