Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO) met Bethnahrin National Council (MUB) in Sweden

by / 0 Comments / 167 View / December 14, 2017

SINA — Södertälje, Sweden

On Tuesday, a delegation of the Assyrian Democratic Organization ADO visited the President of the Bethnahrin National Council MUB in the meeting room of the television channel Suroyo TV in Södertälje in Sweden.

The delegation was composed by the president of ADO Gabriel Mushe, the representative of ADO Syria Quryaqos Gawriye and the representantive of ADO Sweden Said Yildiz.

They were received by the president of MUB Mihayel Naim Hadodo, the member of presidency council Ashur Hanibal Yacoub and the head of ESU foreign affairs Metin Rhawi.

In the meeting that lasted a few hours in a fraternal atmosphere, the two organizations discussed about the general situation of our people. They continued their meeting discussing about the latest news in the Middle East and in the different parts of our lands in Bethnahrin.

ADO and MUB confirmed the agreements they published a few months ago in a joint press release on the future of our people in Syria. In this joint statement, the two organizations shared their common point of view on the needs and demands of our Syriac-Assyrian people in Syria.

They also confirmed the importance of increasing the joint work between them, that’s why the two organizations made the decisions to create committees together in our lands Bethnahrin and in Europe in order to achieve the ultimate goal of having our rights in our lands.


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